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Hunting from a manufactured tree stand is a safe way to hunt provided the hunter follows the tree stand manufacturer’s guidelines. However, tree stand related falls continue to be the #1 cause of serious injury and death to deer hunters. Recent data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS, 2015), estimates there were approximately 4,000 tree stand related fall incidents that resulted in injury. While this number is small compared to the millions of deer hunters nation-wide, it still leaves significant room for improvement.

A group of outdoor industry leaders decided to tackle this issue by enhancing the focus and amplifying the message of tree stand safety. The group formally assembled its Board of Directors and met at the 2016 Archery Trade Show forming Tree Stand Safety Awareness (TSSA) Foundation. There they developed a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization with a mission and vision focused on promotion, education, and best practices. To accomplish the mission and vision, TSSA will serve as a national resource on tree stand safety awareness by promoting education and best practices, facilitating dialogue across all stake holders, and be a resource for research data and new strategies for preventing tree stand falls.

The bottom line is we want to ensure that every hunter that uses a tree stand does so in a safe manner so that he or she comes home safely to their families and friends.


The mission of the Tree Stand Safety Awareness Foundation is to significantly reduce tree stand incidents through promotion, education, and best practices.


Serve as the national resource on tree stand safety awareness.

Promote research surrounding tree stand safety.

Facilitate dialog among tree stand industry leaders, governmental officials, hunter education instructors, public, and other stake holders.

Act as a resource in the development of marketing and educational strategies for safe tree stand use.

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